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1999 - 2023


It all began back in 1999 when Judy decided to develop her hobby for making old fashioned real ice cream, free from artificial or unnatural products, into a cottage industry business. A commercial kitchen was built on Yves and Judy's home property, where new flavours were developed and produced. They decided to call the company "The Udder Guys Ice Cream Company Ltd."

Within a few short years, "The Udder Guys Ice Cream Co. Ltd." grew into a much larger venture, supplying over 200 retail stores and several ice cream parlours. Manufacturing moved off the property and into a commercial space where higher production was possible. As growth continued, Judy and Yves (the original Udder Guys) decided to bring in shareholders and a consultant to help manage the rapid growth and subsequent costs of expansion.


Over time the company began to move in a direction that deviated from the original vision.J udy and Yves decided it was time to go back to their original roots. They moved entirely away from "The Udder Guys Ice Cream Co." and started over.

A New Beginning

Their ice cream parlour in Cowichan Bay, originally operating under the name "Udder Guys Ice Cream Parlour", opened in 2001 with Judy and Yves as the sole owners creating old fashioned ice cream using their original formulas. In the spring of 2013, the remaining shareholders and their management collapsed the company, and "The Udder Guys Ice Cream Co. Ltd." ceased to exist.

Yves and Judy made the bold move to change the name of their popular ice cream parlour to "Morning Mist Ice Cream and Candy". They moved the store down the Cowichan Bay Strip, to access the Hydro necessary for the equipment they need for a new kitchen.


Today, the "original" udder guys are making their own ice cream, the way they started back in 1999, in their parlour kitchen, using as many local ingredients as they can find, and proudly using Island milk and cream.


Morning Mist Ice Cream and Candy is open year round, with a balcony overlooking the beautiful bay and over 24 flavours of artisan ice cream. They also carry a large selection of retro and nostalgic candies, organic island coffee, and an assortment of cold beverages, such as the nostalgic "Pop Shoppe" pop.


Recognized by local customers and food critics, and written about in many media articles, this artisan ice cream is one of the best Ice Creams on Vancouver Island.



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